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Wet under floor heating (UFH) for new build & retrofit projects. We design and install a bespoke solution for your project using premium products from manufacturers like ROTH & Heatmiser.

The Benefits of under floor heating

Underfloor heating has many benefits:

  1. Even heat distribution with no drafts or cold spots.
  2. Heat is concentrated about 1.5m above the floor, exactly where you need it
  3. Because your feet are in contact with a warm surface you feel warmer
  4. It creates more useable space in your home by doing away with radiators and  also means the end of the routine dusting and painting that radiators require.
  5. Our UFH provides efficient heating that saves you both energy and money.
  6. Cost savings on fuel and carbon can be even more considerable when underfloor heating is combined with a heat pump because:
  • You can run your heating as at little as 35°c which is far more energy efficient.
  • Renewable systems supply one digital programmable thermostat for each room, meaning you only spend money on heating the areas you use the most.
  • With built in setback mode, your floors will never fall below a set temperature, preventing long and costly heat up times and ensuring even greater comfort for you.

Is our property suitable?

Total NRG has an UFH system for all types of projects from new build and renovation to barn conversion.

Can the UFH be networked?

Total NRG future-proofs all UFH designs with hardware that can be accessed remotely and/or networked via our own controls, Heatmiser Neo or other smart systems such as  Control 4. Please call to discuss your requirements for a fully automated smart house or to future-proof your dream home.

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