Project: Self Build
Location:  Alderney Edge Cheshire
House Size: 500 m2
Heat Source: GSHP Vaillant 14kW geoTHERM
RHI Grant: £
Architect:  Fob Design 01625 251644

Project Description

This well designed house was built to the highest standards using some of the best materials on the market. The insulation levels superseded building regulations which in turn reduced the running costs and lower the size of heat pump required. We used our green under floor heating system to heat the entire property using only 30/35 degrees c flow temperature. We also zoned every room of using the Heatmiser NEO room stats that are connected to the intelligent wring system, so the client can remote access any were in the world. Total NRG also designed and installed the ground source heat pump some 20 meters away in the plant room. Due to the nature on the land and the abundance of it, we designed a small lake to abstract the energy from it to feed our heat pump via a closed loop system for easy maintenance, this will heat and provide all there hot demands all year round with out any other from of back up system.

Total NRG ground loops via lake