Renewable Heat Incentive

The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a Government financial incentive to encourage homeowners and landlords to switch from conventional fossil fuel heating to renewable heating.

By switching to renewable heating, we can help the UK reduce its carbon emissions and meet its renewable energy targets.


Reduced Fuel Bills

Do you know what your energy consumption is at different times of day? Knowing this is key to us designing the right system for your home.

Are you paying more p/Kwh for your electricity than you need to? The Government has been making it easier for consumers to switch their energy supplier to ensure they’re getting the best deals.

When choosing a Ground or Air source heat pump and Under floor heating you need to consider that the system still consumes electricity in order to work. Their efficiency in heating your home and water is about 4:1 (GSHP) or 3:1 (ASHP).

Solar panels can help generate this electricity and considering other ways to make you home more energy efficient such as double or secondary glazing, roof and cavity wall insulation all help to future proof your home against rising energy


Reduced Carbon Emissions

Climate change is a complex subject for all of us. You might wonder ‘does what I do really make a difference?’.

There is so much research and news articles out there giving what seems like conflicting information.

The way we see it is…if you could pass on a house or some capital to your kids you would, if you want to pass on the earth to your kids’ kids’ kids’ do whatever you can to protect it now. If you can.