Ground Source Heat Pumps

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The advantages of using Total NRG for your ground source heat pump.

Heat pumps work by moving heat from one place to another. In the case of ground source heat pumps, the sun’s heat is collected from the ground (or a body of water) via a circulating loop of glycol (antifreeze). When the loop reaches the heat pump a refrigerant circuit extracts the heat energy which is then used for heating and hot water.

The magic of heat pumps is that they can use ground with an average temperature of 10 degrees to heat hot water to up to 60 degrees all year round. This is because, although the ground loop may only gather a few units of energy per metre of the loop, it makes this small gain across a very large area in which the heat is constantly replenished by the sun and precipitation. This adds up to a lot of units of energy which can then be concentrated into the relatively small area of your home.


Is a ground source heat pump suitable for my home?

Your garden needs to be around 3 times larger than the floor area of your property for a horizontal loop (for new build homes twice as large should be sufficient) .Vertical borehole loops can also be used in some situations where this area is not available. You will need access for a digger or drilling machine. If you have a large pond, stream or access to other water you might want to consider siting your loop in the water, as water transfers heat even more efficiently than soil.

Why are ground source heat pumps so green and efficient?

Traditional systems require about one unit of electricity or gas to generate one unit of heat. For every unit of electricity, a heat pump consumers heat pumps it will produce between 4 and 5 units of heat energy for your home.

With such a high proportion of the heat output from a heat pump coming from a sustainable environmental source, CO2 emissions are substantially lower than traditional fossil fuel systems. This helps to reduce your carbon emissions and save the planet.

What is a buffer tank for?

For fault-free operation, heat pumps require a minimum flow rate of heating water. We recommend using a buffer cylinder in order to ensure trouble-free heat pump operation. Amongst other things, buffer cylinders provide hydraulic separation between the heat pump circuit and the heating circuit. For example, if the flow rate in the heating circuit is reduced via thermostatic valves, the flow rate in the heat pump circuit remains constant.

For air source heat pumps the need for a buffer is even greater than for ground source pumps. The heat exchanger in air source pumps runs much colder than ambient temperatures, and as a result it becomes frosted with ice. Air source pumps must periodically work in reverse to defrost the exchanger. A buffer tank provides a source of heat to steal for this purpose, without robbing heat from the property being heated. Without this dedicated store of heat, an air source machine can start to take heat from a house, actually reducing the temperature of the property in a downward cycle.

Heat pumps, like cars, are less efficient if they start and stop frequently. Buffer tanks allow a pump to run for longer periods of time increasing efficiency. If a single room calls for heat it can use energy stored in the buffer tank first, delaying the need to start the pump again.

What space do you need to fit the ground source heat pump?

The size of the project dictates the size of the heat pump(s) required. As a guide, a ground source heat pump is around 600mm x 600mm (same size as a fridge) but projects often also require a buffer tank, these range in size according to the project.

Why choose a system from Total NRG?

We are a family run business with a high quality ethos. To provide our clients with practical and efficient solutions, which match their specific requirements, we manage the whole process from beginning to end

“For over a decade Bryan Jones has been a leading light in the drive to promote renewable energy in the UK.
While working as a heating engineer, Bryan came to understand the importance of the energy we use for modern life and the effect it has on our planet. He became passionate about exploring the alternatives to fossil fuels that were available in his industry and founded Total NRG to bring these alternatives to his customers.”

Bryan Jones

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Our Experience

With over 10 years’ experience in both domestic and commercial sectors, Total NRG has a proven track record of excellence in the design, planning, and installation, of renewable technologies across the UK.


Lower Running Costs

Heat pumps are cheaper to run than systems based on combustion (LPG or Oil) The more energy efficient the systems are, the greater long-term savings on energy.


Carbon Emissions

A heat pump system reduces your carbon emissions via an efficient conversion rate of energy to heat achieving at least 400% efficiency.


Less Maintenance

Heat pumps do not require a flue for combustion, so there is no danger of carbon monoxide.



Long Life-Span

The life-span of Stiebel Eltron heat pumps is somewhere between 15 to 20 years. This comes with a 7-year manufacture warranty when designed and installed by Total NRG



Stiebel Eltron Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP) can achieve up to 75c   without the need for an immersion heater, this will provide all your hot water & heating demands all year round.  It’s the quietest on the market, unlike some other heat pumps on the market.


RHI Scheme

The government provides two different types of programs to assist the installation of renewable heat systems. You may be eligible for payment under Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme, which addresses to homeowners, social and private landlords, and also to self-builders.


Remote Monitoring

Stiebel Eltron ISG is for online remote access and enables you or us to change programs or settings.  The unit will also send a text or email to Total NRG or you, of any problems.


Other Services

With over 10 years’ experience in both domestic and commercial sectors, Total NRG has a proven track record of excellence in the design, planning, and installation, of renewable technologies across the UK.

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