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By installing Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery in your home you are able to eliminate stuffiness, condensation, pollutants, odours and overheating.

Nothing lost – plenty of healthy fresh air gained?

For practical thermal insulation purposes, nowadays, modern homes are so airtight that virtually no energy is lost. Low energy houses in particular have an airtight building envelope primarily to prevent heat losses. This also prevents any natural air change and makes mechanical ventilation essential.
However, ventilation is also an issue in older homes. As a result of subsequent thermal insulation measures, there is often no longer an adequate supply of outdoor air through gaps and other previously air permeable spots. This creates a conflict of interest between practical thermal insulation and the need for fresh air, which can be resolved with mechanical ventilation systems..

Systematic ventilation: For pleasant and healthy indoor air

The better a house is insulated, the fewer the natural air changes. If this situation is not alleviated by controlled ventilation, harmful effects such as the growth of mould and a rise in concentrations of pollutants can result. Experts recommend that about 40% of the indoor air should be replaced every hour throughout an average day. The solution: automatic ventilation units.

Let your house breath

Moisture accumulates in every building. If it remains in the rooms themselves, it can collect as condensation on windows and walls, providing perfect conditions for mould. This poses a risk, not only to the building, but also to the health of its residents. People with allergies will be pleased to know that fully automatic ventilation units have special filters which keep pollen and dust outside.

Fresh air for healthy living

Fully automatic ventilation adjusts the supply of fresh air automatically according to actual humidity levels, while recovering up to 90% of the heat that is otherwise lost through ventilation

Centralised ventilation: for a fresh ambience throughout.

With centralised ventilation, a single unit handles the supply and extraction of air to/from a building via a comprehensive ventilation system. The ventilation ducts required for this can be let into walls, concrete or suspended ceilings, the floor, or placed under a screed layer – even in the open. This option is therefore particularly appropriate for new build and for comprehensive modernisation projects. Its major advantage lies in the uniform fresh air quality it delivers throughout the entire building.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The energy recovered from the extract air can be used to heat the supply air. Centralised extractors are also suitable for existing buildings. The construction work required is considerably reduced because one centralised unit extracts the air, whilst fresh air is supplied through decentralised supply air vents and exterior wall outlets. The energy recovered from the extract air is used for domestic hot water heating.

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