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Whether it is for residential buildings, renovations, barn conversion, offices and commercial premises, industrial facilities, sports halls or open spaces – what was an exception to the rule yesterday has now become expected: usage-optimised heating and cooling systems that continually keep pace with individual requirements. It is therefore hardly surprising that the majority of planners and building owners looking for modern and advanced system solutions are now choosing floor heating and cooling systems. The retrofitting of floor heating and cooling systems is also gaining in popularity.

In addition to user comfort and freedom of architectural design, the decisive criteria in the selection of a floor heating and cooling system are energy savings, hygiene and environmental protection.

Under Floor Heating to enhance the home environment.

When choosing a suitable under floor heating (also known as ‘wet under floor heating’) for either a new-build or a renovation project, a comfortable home environment is a key aim. In addition, optimal use must be made of the supplied energy so that the systems can be operated efficiently. A high level of thermal comfort is achieved when the temperature across the various surfaces of the room is even, this is done by turning the whole floor in to a large thermal mass, which becomes one very large radiator.

The benefits of Total NRG’s Under Floor Heating systems.

  1. Even heat distribution with no drafts or cold spots.
  2. Heat is concentrated about 1.5m above the floor, exactly where you need it
  3. Because your feet are in contact with a warm surface you feelwarmer
  4. It creates more useable space in your home by doing away with radiators and also means the end of the routine dusting and painting that radiators require.
  5. Our UFH provides efficient heating that saves you both energy and money.
  6. Cost savings on fuel and carbon can be even more considerable when underfloor heating is combined with a heat pump because:
  • You can run your heating as at little as 35°c which is far more energy efficient.
  • Renewable systems supply one digital programmable thermostat for each room, meaning you only spend money on heating the areas you use the most.
  • RHI payments are based on the flow temperature to the UFH the lower the temperature required the more you get paid and the more efficient your system becomes

Why Choose Total NRG

We design and install a bespoke solution for your project using premium products from manufacturers like ROTH & Heatmiser.

Every system is designed to the lowest flow temperature to heat your dream home maximising comfort and energy.

Total NRG future-proofs all UFH designs with hardware that can be accessed remotely and/or networked via our own controls, Heatmiser Neo or other smart systems such as  Control 4.

Other Services

With over 10 years’ experience in both domestic and commercial sectors, Total NRG has a proven track record of excellence in the design, planning, and installation, of renewable technologies across the UK.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Converting latent heat from into usable heat for your home.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Renewable energy from the ground to heat homes from a sustainable source.

Solar Photovoltaic

Generate and use 100% of the electricity you generate with a Total NRG solution.


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