Air Source Heat Pump

Using free environmental heat from the air with heat pump technology for central heating and domestic hot water

Ground Source Heat Pump

Cover your own demand for heating and hot water with geothermal energy

Underfloor Heating

We don’t leave quality to chance. So you don’t have to take chances.

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Total NRG is a family run business with a high-quality ethos. To provide our clients with practical and efficient solutions, which match their specific requirements, we manage the whole process from beginning to end.

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With over 10 years’ experience in both domestic and commercial sectors, Total NRG has a proven track record of excellence in the design, planning, and also installation of renewable technologies across the UK.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Converting latent heat from into usable heat for your home.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Renewable energy from the ground to heat homes from a sustainable source.

Underfloor Heating

Reduce heating bills and increase usable space with an even heat distribution.

Solar Photovoltaic

Generate and use 100% of the electricity you generate with a Total NRG solution.

Mechanical Ventilation

Fresh filtered air into a building whilst retaining the energy.

Mechanical Services

Experts with years of experience in all types of installation work.

Over 300 heat pump installations across the UK.

We fit domestic or commercial systems and also have a complete support service which includes equipment specification, installation, commissioning and full after-sales service. This allows us to provide our clients with a practical & efficient solution which matches the specific requirements of each particular project in terms of both performance and the demands of your installation.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps harvest the sun’s heat from the air. A refrigerant circuit extracts heat as air is passed through the heat pump.

Ground Source Heat Pump

The sun’s heat is collected from the ground (or a body of water) via a circulating loop of glycol (antifreeze).

Why Choose Total NRG?

For over a decade Bryan Jones has been a leading light in the drive to promote renewable energy in the UK.
While working as a heating engineer, Bryan came to understand the importance of the energy we use for modern life and the effect it has on our planet. He became passionate about exploring the alternatives to fossil fuels that were available in his industry and founded Total NRG to bring these alternatives to his customers.

Happy Customers

“I would like highlight the fantastic help and great “can do“ attitude from Ashley. Please pass on my thanks for all his help, he’s a real asset to your business!”

Jaggy Wolf

Alderley Edge, Cheshire
“I would like to thank Total NRG for the fantastic job in installing our air source heat pump and solar PV system. Could you please thank Ashley and Josh for their conscientious work ethics.”

Tom Cassel

Hyde, Manchester



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